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Video presentation exploring the lessons that we learned with Trenton's crisis.

The causes, and the remedies.

Parts 1 and 2 


Why I Believe Natural Remedies Work Even Though My Son Died - Video 

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 A new  documentary video series titled

"Invading the Castle of the Dragon"

Looking at some of the different areas in life where the "Dragon" has deceived mankind.

Pharmakeia The Sorcerer's Wand is the first in the Series.   It  explores some of the subtle and dangerous connections between the modern 'system of the Caduceus' and the history and origin of ancient sorcery. This documentary will challenge your comfort zone and open your understanding to the dangers lurking within your hospital and medicine cabinet!

With so many methods of healing available today, have you ever wondered which one to choose? Are some of them counterfeits for the true Bill of Health?  This documentary will educate and inform you about several of the most popular methods of healing today.  You may enjoy a trip through history, scientific facts as well as solid Biblical truth.  Part 1 includes methods like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda.  
Ever wonder whether certain "healing modalities" are real, bogus, or spiritualistic? Using true science and the Word of God, Part 2 of Counterfeit CUREncy documentary unmasks even more subtle deceptions in health and healing. You may be surprised to learn that one of these clever deceptions has already been easily  unmasked by a nine-year old.  Note: Part 2 builds on concepts explained in more detail in Part 1, so we strongly recommend watching Part 1 first.
Ever wonder about all the alternative health treatments---where they came from and whether Christians should use them or not? 
Part 3 of Counterfeit CUREncy continues the quest for biblical truth.  This section covers hypnotism, biofeedback and several other alternative treatments.  WE RECOMMEND WATCHING PART 1 AND 2 FIRST SINCE THIS VIDEO BUILDS ON THOSE BEFORE IT.

What do the experts and the science really say about masking the populous? Is it good for our health? Is there a hidden mask agenda? This documentary is a condensed compilation of some of the most compelling evidence that we've found. Please share this video with those you love.

Standing on the Sea of Glass

A Video Presentation on Revelation 15:2 put together by Trenton's mother after he told her "If I don't wake up in the morning meet me on  the Sea of Glass." 

Glimpses into the Life of Trenton

Musical slide presentation with 

memories of Trenton 

(with 3D Pictures that he 

modeled on the computer) 

Musical video that Trenton made - 

Featuring music from Handel's Messiah


Anatomy and Physiology Learning Videos 

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