Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and ElectroHypersensitivity
Originally, electricity was contained in wires, with the electromagnetic fields radiating out from the wires just a little distance. However, with the advent of Smart Meters, Cell Phones, WIFI, Ipads, BlueTooth, Smart Phones, Laptops, and numerous other "wireless" devices, all that electromagnetic radiation has been effectively "dumped" into the very atmosphere. Today, almost every individual on planet earth is exposed around the clock to the EMF radiation that fills restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, libraries, offices, and homes. Even traveling down the highway can be extremely dangerous because of the exposure from all the Cell Phone Towers planted every few miles. 
The really frightening part - most people don't even realize what is happening to their bodies when they are exposed to this type of radiation! Among many other things, their blood clots into Rouleaux formation and it leads to cancer.

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The symptoms of EHS are really endless, because this radiation effects every part of the human body. Here is a brief non-exhaustive list of symptoms which have been shown to arise in people who develop EHS:
Headaches, (even to the point of intolerability)
Concentration problems
Memory lapses, Brain Fog
Pressure in head, throat and chest
Chest pressure or pain
Heart Flutters or Palpitations
Unsteady balance, dizziness
Altered heart rate
Ringing, Buzzing, Static and/or Itching in the ears
Light, Fitful Sleep & other Sleep disturbances
Excessive tiredness & fatigue during day
Feeling like your catching the flu without actually catching it
Numbness or pain in affected areas
Eye irritation
Skin redness, burning, or tingling
Red skin blotches, eczema
High susceptibility to infection
Anxiety or tension 
Inability to rapidly heal from infections 
Vertigo or Light-headed feeling
Temporary inability to speak coherently
Mood-swings &  Depression
Finger, Arm, Shoulder, and Leg twitching 
Loss of motivation and ability to work 

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a real physiological condition. EHS is characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms that occur or intensify upon being exposed to either electric fields or both electric & magnetic fields (Electromagnetic Fields - EMF). Having EHS means one can experience recurring immune stress or illness when near active EMF sources and emitters of electomagnetic radiation (EMR). 
EHS symptoms normally diminish with increased distance from these radiation sources but many times require considerable time to vanish completely after exposure. The World Health Organization has identified this collection of triggers and symptoms as "Electrohypersensitivity", also referred to as "Electrosensitivity."
EHS is not recognized as a medical diagnosis in the majority of medical institutions. But EHS has now been accepted as a functional impairment or disability in the country of Sweden and many other nations of Europe are beginning to wake up to the health dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

EHS is a physiological reaction to the presence of Non-Ionizing Radiation - which is the frequencies below the visible light spectrum. Non-Ionizing Radiation was once assumed to be safe, because it doesn't have enough energy to remove electrons from their atoms. Authorities used to only consider the "heating effect" of the non-ionizing radiation harmful to the human body. However, it has now been scientifically proven that while non-ionizing radiation doesn't remove electrons, it still causes DNA damage in the human body by a variety of other processes.

Testimonial of a woman who has experienced first-hand the severe effects of Electrohypersensitivity

Stages of Electrohypersensitivity
EHS can be summarized into 4 basic steps of progression:
1. Mild EHS - headaches, concentration & memory problems that are experienced while you are working with some type of electronic equipment.

2. Medium EHS - Symptoms last much longer after being exposed to electronic equipment. You will experience similar reactions when you are in the same area of transmission and relay towers and antennae. Your symptoms may require medical care.

3. Severe EHS - You are unable to work full-time; you take frequent sick leaves to cope with the many symptoms.

4. Extreme EHS - You develop acute adverse reactions from electromagnetic pollution, both in outdoor and indoor environments. You have to quit your job and there is a severe curtailment of your freedom. You have to have expensive re-engineering done to your home environment or you have to relocate to EMF/EMR-free rural or wilderness areas.

Once you have begun to experience step 1, you will progress through all 4 steps, unless you take steps to protect yourself immediately. This is because this radiation is cumulative and gets worse over time as the body grows more and more sensitive to it.
What devices can you use for detection of 
Electromagnetic Radiation?
There are numerous meters that are designed for this purpose. At the low end of the price range are simple meters designed to register only a single frequency, or just a few frequencies. Some meters can span lots of frequencies; and then there are some designed to pick up the majority of the frequency spectrum - but those cost thousands of dollars.
Some meters pick up Low Frequencies (LF) and other meters pick up Radio Frequencies (RF) - and some meters are designed to pick up both.
Some meters are omni-directional (they pick up all the signals in the surrounding air) while other meters are directional (they pick up the signal when pointed at the source).
Omni-directional meters are good for figuring out if you are in a radiation area or if there are devices turned on somewhere around you, but they do not easily pinpoint the source of the signal.
Directional meters are great for pinpointing the source of the signal, but don't necessarily work well for alerting you to the presence of surrounding radiation.
In other words, both types of meters are good - for their specific function.

We cannot personally recommend many of the meters on the market - just because, we have not had any experience with them - but that isn't to say they are good or bad - we just don't know anything about them. We have heard of various meters such as the Trifield Meter & the Hf35c Rf Analyze Meter
 We also have a friend who uses the Acoustimeter EMF Meter and seems to like it.
However we can only talk about the one that we have used, and that is the Cornet. 
This meter can be purchased online in many places (such as Amazon) but when we were shopping for one the cheapest site we found that sells them is radmeters.com which is based out of Israel and ships free worldwide (There may be a cheaper place now, I don't know).
The Cornet meter is an omnidirectional electromagnetic field strength measurement device that can measure both low frequency in the 50Hz to 10KHz range and high frequency in the 100MHz to 8GHz range.
It will pick up signals from mobile phone base stations, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), smart meters, cellular/cordless phones, microwave ovens, computers, tablets, etc.
It also has a sound setting which can be turned on so that the meter will make sound when it picks up a signal.
It is compact and can easily fit in a shirt pocket.
In some cases, you can even locate the source with it, because the reading gets higher the closer to the source you get (So, for example, if you are picking up a signal from someone's cell phone, if you walk around the room watching the meter, the signal will climb as you get closer to the person with the cell phone)
What would probably be good to do (if you have money for it) is to get both a directional meter and an omnidirectional meter - that way, you can both identify all the signals around you, and then use the directional one to track them down to the separate sources.

Convenient Chart for checking radiation measurement levels at a glance and monitoring the health effects of the current levels.
Download and print this EMF radiation conversion chart.
EMF Conversion Chart.pdf EMF Conversion Chart.pdf
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What things can you use for Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation?
There are many scams & gimmicks out there, that purport to block the radiation. Before buying anything, make sure you do your homework and research - don't fall for false claims.
There are companies that sell "stickers" that you can stick on your phone that are supposed to cut the radiation - after all, most people don't want to bother with radiation health effects - they just want to enjoy their gadgets and be left alone, so they look for a "quick fix" to the problem.
But if it is a "sticker" - we consider it a scam!
For one thing, it is the "radiation" that makes a cell phone work - so if the sticker actually cut the radiation, the cell phone would not work! Yet their claims say that they cut the radiation without affecting the operation of the phone.
For another thing, we have personally tested the "stickers" as well (as some related devices that plug into the wall) with a meter - and they don't cut the wireless signal at all (and in some cases, the metallic stickers actually RAISED the level of radiation coming from the phone.)
Also please BEWARE the terms "radiation" and "magnetism" are also used in many occult spiritualistic healing practices in an occult sense, so some items that purport to block signal "work" only on that basis and not physiological principles.   We endorse only the products we mention or those that work on a similar basis. 
(You may read the following file for more information on this topic.)

There are also no "magic pills" that you can take or any other "quick fix".

EMF radiation is dangerous to human health, and should be avoided wherever possible! But sometimes, it is almost impossible to avoid (unless you move to the wilderness and become a hermit).
The next best thing, is to limit your exposure as much as possible (use corded phones, fiber-optics, etc.)
If you have to go into an area that is full of radiation signals, there are some things that you can do to minimize exposure.
There are certain fabrics which are designed to block electromagnetic radiation. You can buy clothing made from these types of cloth or just buy the cloth and make your own clothes from it.
One thing we have found that really helps, is to line a hat with these materials and that helps to shield your brain (the most vital organ).
We have family members and friends who cannot go into town without getting a pounding headache or from the wireless radiation there - making it basically impossible to function while in town. But when we began wearing hats with shielding material in it, it greatly reduced the incidence of headache.

You can search the internet, there are numerous sites that sell these types of fabric. 
The site we have used before is lessemf.com they seem to have a large selection. 

 The tan baseball cap in the front can be purchased prelined.  It is lined with a material called Staticot. It is made of polyester, cotton and stainless steel. 

This is what we used to line the black hat  and the straw looking hat above it.   If you have minimal sewing skills you can just buy a hat you like and line it yourself.

A friend made the feminine jean cap for us.  It it lined with a material called Hertzcloth. We like it especially because it is made of pure cotton and stainless steel fibers and so is more breathable than the polyester fabric.   https://lessemf.com/product/hertzcloth-fabric/

We also have tested  the NATURELL material  It is a translucent, unbleached ecological cotton fabric.  We just fashioned a simple "cocoon" that a passenger could put over them while traveling.  Although the cocoon shape is very impracticle  (it just used a lot less cloth) it does a very good job of blocking the signals and protecting its user.  

Just a note of caution -- when using protective fabrics make sure to close off all openings well so that signals cannot get inside, because what keeps the signals out will also hold them in if signals get inside. 

Our daughter recently, by the grace of God and lots of prayer, was able to endure a 36+ hour airport wait  and plane flight on a necessary trip to Africa.

She did her part and God did His.
Her part was wearing shielding gear.  
The coat she is wearing in this picture was a gift from a kind relative who recognized that she would need EMF protection for the journey.   It is 30% stainless steel fibers, 60% cotton, and 10% polyester.  When we tested it with our meter it blocked almost all the wireless signals. It is called "Women's Jacket" and is available at lessemf

Her hat in this picture, we lined with Hertzcloth and she also wore shielded leggings under her skirt as well as gloves most of the time.  All of these had to be removed in order to go through airport security. So she took them off, raced through the scanner as fast as possible and put them on again the other side. (She elected that this was faster than leaving off all her protective gear for an hour in  airport wifi and waiting for a pat down.  They say the new scanners put off less RF than a smartphone.)    We had a friend who went through the scanner with a shielded hat on and the top of her head was invisible to the screen, which as you may imagine, may warrant a pat down. 

My daughter had very little reaction to the wifi, except  a slight rash on her hands (which were not always covered as she removed the gloves when necessary to eat, etc.).  But she had none of the nausea and other symtoms that she sometimes experiences when going through large cities.  She was however a little hot on much of the journey since it was mid-summer. 

It is my personally belief that God "put His hand over" and protected her exposed face since this was a missionary endeavor and since we didn't feel like it would go over to well in an airport to wear something over it. (Her face has reacted to wifi sometimes previously on day trips into town). 
 But the coat enabled all her vital organs to be covered.  The hat covered almost all of her brain region.  And the leggings  and gloves were additional protection.  We would highly recommend this method if for some reason a plane flight becomes necessary for you.  

To date-- when considering price, comfort, and protection -- this is our preferred method of protection. 
This easier and a little cheaper (although still pricey--about $149 a 
t-shirt--unless you catch a sale--like we did) option of RF protection that we have found and tested is Lambs' t-shirts. 
Here is one of our "patients" testing her new look with Lambs' 
t-shirt and a hat that she picked out and we lined for her.
These t-shirts are available in long or short sleeves.  Some people like to wear it underneath their regular clothes.  Others wear it over their other clothes. They are so comfortable that I often forget I am wearing mine.   Note: the sizes run a little small--make sure you follow their measurements, not your regular size.  
Lamb's also sells some other products--hats, etc. (and underwear--so beware of immodest pics if you choose to surf their site) 
However, we have not yet tested anything but their t-shirts, which we have tested and retested, used and reused.  
Several EHS persons we know will tell you that they can feel a distinct difference between not wearing these t-shirts and when wearing them into town.  

Radiation Free, Air-Tube Headset
If you need to use the phone when you cannot just put it on speaker phone. We recommend getting an airtube type head set. The wires,  which obviously carry electricity, are replaced where they are closest to your head and ears, by tiny air tubes that still allow the sound to pass through like a normal ear buds.  
Although I'm sure there are several good varieties, this brand we have personally tested and love it.  It is comfortable and seems to work well both for our computers and the cell phone when we have to use it :-( ! It is available for purchase online at amazon at the link below.  
Cautions and Precautions
for those who live off-the-grid

Those who live off-the-grid and produce their own power by solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power systems, etc. need to also be aware of the health dangers of their off-grid system, which comes mainly in the form of LF radiation instead of the typical wireless RF radiation.

Solar panels make DC electricity, which 
does not have the same negative health effects 
as AC electricity does. 
Wind turbines and hydro systems usually produce AC electricity. However, wind turbines and hydro systems are usually at a safe distance from the home to not pose much of a health issue. 

The problem is not necessarily from the various “power sources,” but rather, from the inverter that is used in most off-the-grid applications.

The inverter, is the device that regulates the amount of power flowing to the house, and also regulates the power flowing to the battery bank.
The inverter changes incoming AC power to 
DC power to send to the batteries, and when power is called for by the home, the inverter converts the DC power from the batteries back into AC power to run the home power. 
But this “conversion” process creates a large cloud of LF radiation as well as varying amounts of electromagnetic pollution called “dirty electricity.”
If a generator is used to charge the batteries, the inverter will be producing many times the amount of LF radiation during the charging process.

This may not be a problem, if the inverter system is a great distance from the home, but in many off-the-grid applications, the battery bank, inverter, charge controller, and other parts of the system are installed inside the home.

We discovered this problem, much by accident. Like most off-grid houses, ours contained the whole system in its own room inside the house. We noticed that whenever there were cloudy days that shut down the solar power, or for some other reason, the system needed charging by the generator - whenever the generator was running, various family members got fairly sick. The only way 
they would not get sick, was to sit in the corner of the house that was the 
furthest from the power system. 
When we obtained our EMF meter, we tested it and discovered that whenever the generator was running, the cloud of LF radiation that came from that room, radiated at dangerous levels throughout the entire house, except it didn’t 
quite reach to the far corner, where was 
the only “safe” place to sit.
To solve this problem, the batteries/inverter system was moved to a small building/shed which was built to house the system, sided with metal and was also a short distance from the house.
Now when the system is charged, any clouds of radiation that originate from the inverter, remain 
a safe distance from the house and the living area. This limits the LF radiation that enters the house, to the normal LF radiation levels that just radiates off of the electrical wires (which is usually only about 8” or so).

This electromagnetic radiation inside the home can also be decreased, if the home is just being newly wired, simply by installing the wiring in a twisted form. The twisting of the wires causes the electromagnetic field created around the wires, to be “broken” up into smaller sections, thereby decreasing the overall field of radiation.
Straight Electrical Wire

Twisted Electrical Wire

Sun Cage
With wireless signals coming from towers across the valley and now with all the 5G satellites radiating even country areas, it became increasingly difficult to go outside to get some much needed sunshine (needed for vitamin D formation). Our solution to this problem was to build a metal screened in chamber where one can sit peacefully in the sunshine and not be radiated to death. (Simple aluminum or steel screen will block the signals from cell phones and 5G because the holes are too small for the wavelength to pass through without being captured by the metal screen.) 
We only have signal coming from a couple directions, which is why a couple sides of our "cage" doesn't have screen. If you have signal coming from multiple or all directions, you can always screen in all sides of the cage.

More coming soon!