From Nightmare to Miracle
(Compiled and edited—with permission-- from a letter that was shared with us.) 

Dearest … Family in Christ;

Your story really touched our hearts… Your story is the first we have found since our night mare. We appreciate your courage in sharing with others. A health message desperately needed for our time…

In Sept 2010, I was given 3 weeks to get my affairs in order…  I was given a prescription for vaccinations to prepare my body for the removal of gall bladder, part of the liver, part of the pancreas, left side nerves, and lymph...left adrenal …spleen.....given a 16% chance of surviving that operation, but if I did then they would proceed to remove 1/3 of the colon. It would make my remaining life less painful. By that time my weight was down to 70 pounds and I was unable to eat or drink most anything. 

    The diagnosis was given after over a year of waiting for tests, and after each test I was given no answers. Finally I was told, not even by the surgeon, but first by a white coated university medical student with a clip board who bombarded me in the waiting room wanting to know if I would give my consent and urine sample, to do a study on how long a stage IV pancreatic patient would live. My head was reeling, and next the Dr. called me in and informed me that I had stage IV pancreatic cancer. This Dr., I was told was a specialist...He was the oncologist and surgeon of the University Hospital.

I had cancer in many organs, in one stage or another. The main one, or the one my life was most threatened by, was the stage IV pancreatic cancer (stage four being that it has its own blood supply and has metastasized). My spleen and left adrenal were completely cancerous. My gall bladder was full of cancer while my left kidney had a marble sized calcified tumor by the third visit and also calcified small pea size tumor in my right breast. I was told I had stage 3 urinary tract stage 3 or 4 Colon (that was his exact words on the colon, so it didn’t really matter). My thymus gland was like 1/4” leather and cancer (his words). Additionally, I had tumors on the outside tip of the pancreas as well as by my jaw and by my ear. Also the roof of my mouth had cancer. I had lymphoma, and of course cancer of the blood, leukemia. The doctors in one town said that the cancer was in my liver and left lung, but another Dr. said both were clean. Later, we understood stage 1 cancer to be just a cell without a yolk, Stage two, we understood to be about pea size, Stage three larger than a pea, but not yet metastasized, and stage four to have its own blood supply and metastasized. Something like that we understood later in broken Spanish :)

In the months before anyone could even tell us what was wrong, my eyesight had gone from 20/20 to needing bi-focals. I had a welted rash across my forehead with blisters that seeped down into my eyes. It was raw often bleeding or seeping blood. This progressed down around my nose area, chin, neck and chest. I was seeping and sticky and bleeding. I later, after attempts with many different things to help or cover it, I finally found clay packs on the blistering rashes would sooth and ease it significantly until by the end almost remove it or able to cover it beyond visibility. The rashes began on my hands and legs later. The doctor told me it was eczema...  

  My 14 year old son and I both had abnormal headaches and nose bleeds frequently. Both of us seemed to be a ball of nerves for no obvious reason, ALL the time. We suddenly had insomnia, waking at extremely wee hours after midnight. We had burning, red, often watering itchy eyes and heart palpitations. I suffered terrible loss of balance which made it look like I staggered. I also experienced eye twitching and later other skin areas that twitched.  My balance was terrible, I fell, and stumbled, easily until I could eventually no longer make it up any stairs. I was finally bed ridden and used a wheel chair only to get around.  My heart palpitations got so bad I was scared to doze off eventually.  I had ear aches, terrible left shoulder pain and jaw pain. I couldn’t hold any food down, not even herbal tea.

    My memory was so useless that I could start a sentence and have forgotten what I was saying half way through. Finally my breathing became very difficult and painful. Sleep was only possible propped up and even then it was sporadic due to the pain and heart issues. I lost most of my hair.  What was left turned copper colored as did the cat, dog, and my son’s hair. I developed large lumps in my neck, under my chin, in the roof of my mouth and lost most of my upper teeth. So did the dog, and she by then had lost her eyesight and had large lumps on her back. The lumps developed in my groin area, stomach and a cantaloupe size lump began protruding from my left lower side. My arms acted paralyzed anytime I had them above my head, such as sleeping with them under my pillow, very early on in 2009.  When this happened, they had no movement. I had to drag them out by sitting up, and there was no feeling at all. Later on 2009, they remained either with pins and needles, or asleep with no feeling. That never left until we moved out nor did the lymphoma.

Now, “standard of treatment”...for called… I refused any of these…. 
The surgeries remove critical detox organs which leave no hope in most cases. The Dr.’s in Mexico won’t/ don’t even want to accept a patient if you have had these parts removed. Because half of your God given natural weapons are not in place.

   Once given the diagnosis, with nothing to lose, my son, (whom I home schooled), and I chose to go to get a passport and go to Mexico to a clinic that did only natural treatment. The wait for passports was quite scary. But during this time I learned about fresh squeezed lemon juice and began taking them. To my surprise I could hold that down...(alkalizing). I actually did a tiny bit better once getting on a couple dozen of lemons a day, but started going back downhill just before our passports arrived.

   At the airport, as my son and I left on the plane... My family said goodbye, I learned later, what they thought was for the last time. That was October 3rd, 2010.  A long story short, I came back carrying my own suitcase.

An interesting thing, while I was at the clinic the first time, I had a hard time understanding the heavy Spanish accent of the doctors, so I didn’t understand the dose of Hoxsey tonic. I consumed a whole bottle of it in one week, that which was to last one month. Every doctor, nurse, pharmacist was called to the front when I proceeded to order a second bottle......They thought I might have effects of over dose. All eyes were very big, and lots of fast Spanish talking, and excited movements. However, I believe that is one of the reasons why I did as well as I did.
The Hoxsey tonic contained pure water, cascara sagrada, red clover, fucus, thyme, chamomile, potassium iodide, burdock root, prickly ash bark, stillingia root, buckthorn bark, berberus root.
[Swift Runner Ministries notes that some of the herbs listed may be not be totally non-toxic as evidenced by the response of the staff at the clinic.  However, we especially recommend red clover and burdock root which are part of most of the top herbal cancer fighting remedies.] 

Many (most, if not all) of the other patients would eat at the restaurant by the hotel. My son and I only lived off of onion, garlic, cabbage, asparagus, in the water broth we cooked it in, plus mangoes with skin on.
…The cancer diets use of potatoes is to reduce acidic environment of the body, it’s important to eat them with skins on and only red due to manipulation of much of the white potatoes. The skins of potatoes, and mango skins have cancer killing properties… along with asparagus, onions, cabbage, leeks, garlic....cancer can NOT live on…. I lived on that strictly for two years. 
The Hoxsey diet also consists of:
No sugar, just healthy sweeteners and not too much.
No refined flours
No alcohol
No vinegar
No artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and aspartame
No pork (it’s too close to human flesh and cancer thrives on it)
No added salt, more than 1/4 tsp over all salt in one day neutralizes the Hoxsey tonic.
No tomatoes (it will render the Hoxsey tonic, (herbalax), useless.

The treatment was 21 days. The Chelation was every third day it was sequenced two... concentrate multi mineral multi vitamin IV... The other drips staggered gave me my strength back quickly. The strength my body needed to fight for itself as God created it to do.
Each day I injected a 60ml of high concentrate Vit C.
After 21 days of treatment, 6 days each week, I was sent home with:
- Hoxsey tonic 
- (proteolitic enzymes ...) 3 on an empty stomach morning noon and night....  
[Swift Runner Note--Proteolytic enzymes (or proteases) refer to the various enzymes that digest (break down into smaller units) protein. These enzymes include the pancreatic proteases chymotrypsin and trypsin, bromelain (pineapple enzyme), papain (papaya enzyme), etc.]
-milk thistle
-additional vitamin and mineral supplements

The most important thing accomplished at the Mexico clinic was the Chelation detox which removed the heavy chemicals and metals which accumulate…

Just before I was ready to go home, a sweet old lady came up and squeezed my hand and gave me a hug. She told me that when I arrived, all the other patients bet that I would be one of the ones that didn’t make it. She said that you are the one that has given us all hope. We could not believe how fast you changed. 

   I went back twice after that first clinic visit. Each time doing quite well upon leaving, however plummeting after several weeks at home...

This is me in the early fall of 2011 going downhill several months after the second visit. (The vehicle had broken down, and my son and I had to fix the throttle body.)
Throughout this process…My issue was, what have I done?? We believe that the cause is the cure, and later found in James White’s writing.......“Unless the original cause of any given disease be removed, there is no successful way of obtaining a permanent cure; and by the removal of the original cause, perhaps in more than nine cases out of ten, nature will remove the difficulty without the aid of any kind of medicine. It is the most consummate quackery to prescribe medicine to cure disease, while the cause that produced it is not abandoned.” {1865 JW, HHTL 146.2}

After extensive, pleading in prayer for God to show us what was happening, we came across information on the EMF issue. We, in our hearts, at first, truly scoffed at it. But the information kept coming up even randomly till we could ignore it no longer. Thanks be to God, He was truly patient and long suffering with us. “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee” (Heb. 13:5) Once we understood it better, God led us to investigate a bit more. He led us to humility and answers at every turn. 
We learned were being exposed to high levels of radiation via the smart meter placed on our home. Many trees in the yard died. Besides the deer and moose, bees all disappearing from our yard, our garden all eventually refused to grow, even the rhubarb slowly turned red and then died… All the herd of “yard deer” left. Our friendly moose that had her calves in our yard every year, left. 
We learned that our country had chosen to allow digital meters to be deployed to selected homes as a test period. Some listed were home schoolers, vegetarians, people not getting vaccines, and the list went on... We fit much of that even at that time.
(Note: Smart meters were not deployed for anyone else we found in that entire region of our country until last year...2016)..., However, there were other home schoolers we learned had gotten them throughout our country, and a few select other categories deemed good targets.

  We learned, via online searches, that the serial # would have changed if the electrical meter was changed. We had no clue what a “smart” meter could look like or anything to alert us. We searched through all the month by month bills. Sure enough, the meter serial # had changed May 23 of 2009. Then we searched up pictures and found Jerry Day’s video on YouTube, then Jerry Flynn, Brian Thiesen in B.C, Magda Havas, Barry Trower, Rob States, Curtis Bennett, Ole Johansson, Sam Milham, Deitrich Klinghardt, Dr Darren Schmidt, Edward Snowden, Dave Stetzer and many more.....
The computer searching was limited and painful also, which we did not understand at that time either...still… We had no clue about electricity and how it all worked-- magnetic fields created by spurring, radio frequency fields...electric fields...switching mode power supplies and what they did.....sine waves...frequencies...pulse vs steady RF emission...etc.  Once we had enough understanding...we just got-it one day. 
My son and I left the house.  I was going downhill badly, and my son by that time was having serious convulsions with no warning… 
Anyway, we took off on foot with boards. My son mostly carried as he helped me along. With hammer, nails, etc...we plugged away, one day at a time and built a home out of range of the electrical grid as far as we could possible. 10 x16 building...wood electrical at all.
My health has improved ever since… I lived on soups made from fresh asparagus, onions, garlic, cabbage before I could hold down any other foods. I drank fresh squeezed lemon juice in my water, I could eat mangoes with skin on but I never gained much weight until moving out of the toxic home. Now I have gotten to almost 100 lb.

So much I still have not put to paper that we learned. 
[Swift Runner Note--In other correspondence, the writer has expressed to us some of what she has learned regarding the negative health effects of GMOs, foods sprayed with chemicals, other environmental chemicals, and heavy metals, and how it is all these causes put together with EMFs that are causing health problems today.] 
The computer is still difficult, as is any electricity, of course.  I apologize for any bad writing. I don’t do great on electrical devises especially for lengths of time, but we wanted to share our story with you and let you know how much your sharing means to us and many others, I’m certain.
 However improved if we stay out of it, it doesn’t take much (Electro Magnetic Radiation) to start  us hurting again as it accumulates. To date, when I get into Electrical/ EMF/ Broadcasting towers/cell phones, computers etc. and I get too much I get:

l   A Stiff neck

l   Lymph glands start to swell

l   Skin rashes start to re-surface

l   I choke on things, even my own saliva be it driving down the road or just walking every-day life. (My throat just doesn’t seem to work.)

l   I drop things

l   I lose my balance

l   I get from checkered spot and lights in my eyes to the point I can’t see past them, even all the way to grey or black outs.

l   I get diarrhea that is fluorescent Orange or Yellow (this is all when I've had too much exposure)

l   Back and guts hurt

l   Hair starts to fall out like a shedding animal

l   Eyes turn watery and itchy

l   Fatigued or/ and flu like

l   Insomnia

l   Heart palpitations

l   Muscle cramps/ Charlie horse

l   Ringing ears

l   Depression when there is no reason.

l   Profuse night sweats and day sweats that absolutely saturate blankets or clothing, even days after extensive exposure.

l   Anxiety (example: Too long on a cordless or corded phone, and I turn into a rattled wreck, shaking, sugar issues, forgetfulness.

l   Terrible bloating and gas build up

l   Speech, tongue gets twisted/ typing on electronics gets twisted, for both my son and I. (like coordination is not connecting mind to action.) I corrected my son on his typing errors for months, and was shocked when I proof read one of mine some time later, and realized that I had started doing it too.  eg: “started” might end up “strated”..thought and coordination out of sync...

l   I go to say or write something, and then in a split second completely forget what it was, sometimes even in the middle of a sentence when I've had much exposure to the electrical.

l   Starving hungry, even if I just ate a very nutritious meal and felt comfortably full in my stomach, but yet starving feeling. (leaking cells)

l   Aching jaw bone (temporomandibul joint)

l   Extreme inflammation in stomach

l   Hand writing becomes extremely messy after over-exposure. (Adrenal stress)

After a year of getting out of the home I contacted the electric company, I asked them to remove all wiring and service from the home. They shut the power off but left the meter running or powered up. I called back and requested it all be removed from the yard, once more. The electric company came in two months later informing me that they refused to remove the meter or wiring in the drive unless I signed a form allowing them to remove the power poles. They removed the 3 power poles up the drive then proceeded to remove them all back to the next neighbor’s property 4 kilometers down the main road. (all poles I had paid $35,000.00 to have  put in when we moved in, no reimbursement ) ..still  A blessing ultimately.

Once the electrical lines and meter had been removed for about a year, several of the trees slowly have come back healthy as ever. Praise God!
The animals are back. Momma moose even brings her extended family in for a visit now and again once more....
Our dog’s back growths are gone now, her eye sight came back too after moving out, a slow process but it came back. I still wear eye glasses, but believe if I left them off, they might improve also.

Every two years I have to have a driver’s medical examination done for my driver’s license. Every doctor I have gone to since 2010, upon getting on their computer and opening my files, turns to me, and in rigid tones, informs me “NO FURTHER TESTING WILL BE DONE FOR YOU UNTIL YOU PROCEED WITH THE SURGERY AS PLANNED IN 2010,”

 But the [cantaloupe-sized] tumor in my side is gone, the lymph glands are no longer swollen, the roof of my mouth no longer has lumps nor my neck. I’m doing well. I will never be asking for tests...I have been exposed to quite enough radiation. Why would I want more?

[Swift Runner Note--Truly, the writer and her son were under the care of the Great Physician.  We believe that it was Divine power connected with the human effort that brought her through. Human effort took the time to search out and implement natural remedies following the truth as she learned it, but ultimately Divine power took her from a nightmare to a miracle! And these are her sentiments to, for she wrote: “Without God all hope is nonexistent.”]

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