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Treating A Mystery Disease

(from July 2018 Bible Banner)
“I just don’t feel good anymore.”
“I don’t even have half the energy I used to have.”
It seems wherever I go, I find people who realize something is wrong with their health, but they don’t really know what is causing their problem. As much as we would like to recognize the cause of every health problem we have, sometimes it is really hard to figure out both the cause and the label for the disease that is making us feel bad. In situations like these, it is useful to recognize the truth of this statement “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” (Sir William Osler--a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital)

When you actually think about it rationally, “A ‘diseased’ condition develops when we fail to maintain health; it is the absence of health. Disease is not always some entity which drives out and overcomes health. The true science of conquering disease is to do so by restoring the health rather than to expect to restore the health by conquering the disease.” (Julius Gilbert White in “Abundant Health”)
Here are a few tactics I have often found helpful in restoring health for the patient who has “a mystery disease”. They are simple things you can do at home. First and foremost, reinforce all the health principles you know. I often sing a little children’s song I learned a long time ago, and it reminds me of the 8 natural remedies. “Fresh air and exercise, water and rest, temperance, and diet, golden sunshine and trust in God’s Word are sure to work if you try it.” (You may learn this song here

The book Medical Ministry states, “If the sick and suffering will do only as well as they know in regard to living out the right principles of health reform perseveringly, then they will in nine cases out of ten recover from their ailments.” (Medical Ministry, pg. 224) This is huge, did you catch that? Just by following the health principles we know, 90% of all ailments will be eliminated.
In addition, I have found it useful when I’m not sure what the disease is to do these things. Often they have reversed the problem without us knowing the cause. Since they are natural, none of them will hurt you, no matter what the disease.
• Pour in nutrition
• Pour on water
• Absorb toxins and renew liver
• Avoid these things

The following is a very brief synopsis of how to implement these four things.
Pour in nutrition via juicing or raw foods. Especially helpful are high doses of vitamin C from acerola, lemon, or whatever is available as well as lots of dark green leafy vegetables.
 Also Omega-3 via daily flaxseed or flaxseed oil is important for many brain and nerve disorders, etc.
Pour on water -Concentrate on making sure you are drinking enough water for your body weight. Divide your weight by 2 and this is the number of ounces you need to drink daily. (Or weight (kgs) ÷ 7= Number of glasses (250ml) to drink per day.) Almost every disease from back pain, to headaches, to asthma and high blood pressure can be caused simply by lack of water.
Absorb toxins and Renew Liver – It doesn’t take much to soak your feet in clay water, and take charcoal internally. One fourth cup of cilantro a day for 2 weeks will help your body to expel heavy metals like mercury into the blood stream. Make sure you take some charcoal or internal clay 3 times a day to absorb the heavy metals that will be released into the blood stream. This will carry them out of the body. You may also easily help to renew your liver by taking milk thistle seed and drinking lemon water.
Avoid these things: -all animal products (incl. dairy and eggs)
-fermented foods and beverages (pickles, vinegar, alcohol, etc.)
-drugs--caffeine, nicotine, theobromine (coffee, tea, tobacco, soft drinks, chocolate)
(also consider pharmaceuticals’ side effects)
-refined, processed foods (white bread, white flour, pasta, white rice, white sugar)
-packaged/boxed processed foods (food colorings, additives, chemicals, GMOs, etc.)
-harmful spices/fiery seasonings & condiments (nutmeg, mustard, black/white pepper, baking soda/powder). Some poison blood and/or irritate delicate stomach lining; others hinder digestion.
-eating between meals, as this places a huge burden upon the digestive organs
-drinking too much liquid with meals, as this slows and hinders digestion
-Try a media fast: go camping in a remote location (your problem could be a reaction to radio frequencies from cell phones, wifi, etc.)
If you faithfully implement these things, it is my wish that you might be among those who realize what simple methods eliminate disease. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 2