Toxic Metal RemovalTips

Toxic metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, etc. can poison your body as well as your brain.  Therefore, they can cause negative affects on both  behavior and health including chronic illness. Heavy metals can be found in smelters, fish, dental amalgams, paint, cosmetics, chemicals, batteries, machinery, and other environmental factors, etc. 


One of the best methods we’ve found for removing toxic metals from the body is what some have called the “poor man’s chelation therapy.”  Cilantro is an excellent method for detoxifying and removing toxic metals and other neurotoxins. When we first heard about this from this story we tested it ourselves on our entire family. The kids who were unvaccinated and had no real exposures to heavy metals had absolutely no reaction to the cilantro. But both of the adults, both vaccinated and one with dental amalgams, got achy and could feel the heavy metals spilling into the system. As directed below we took charcoal or clay to absorb the excess heavy metals. It made believers out of us. 

Here'e what we did to remove the toxic metals...

Basically, we just consume at least 1/4 cup of tightly-packed fresh cilantro stems and leaves per day. We just ate the cilantro with our meals. 

But do this with caution since cilantro may release more heavy metals than the body can efficiently remove, we also take charcoal or zeolite or bentonite clay to absorb the metals and carry them out of the body. While using the cilantro for a period of two weeks, take 1 to 2 teaspoons of clay or charcoal mixed with water three times a day between meals.

If you believe you are high in toxic metals keep in mind that though it may be simple, powerful forces are at work. What one experiences depends on their level of toxicity (everyone will be different). Signs of increased toxicity include headaches, nervousness, flu-like symptoms, or fever.  Those who are more toxic may need to start off slowly, using smaller doses of cilantro but the same amount of clay or charcoal.   

At our house, some of us actually felt the need to use the clay or charcoal four times a day at first. Garlic has also been shown to be effective for the removal of lead from both from the blood and tissues. (See video below). 

Note, when sin entered our planet, God's first prescription for physical health included, "Thou shalt eat the herb of the field;" Genesis 3:18b  We are delighted that God, our Great Physician, has made His simple remedies, powerful, yet inexpensive and accessible to the common man!