The   Chemo- Monster   Strikes Again

   I knew that the chemo would poison my son unless God saw fit to miraculously protect him.  We protested, but they said the state would take our son away and give him the chemo anyway. So to protect his 3 siblings, Trenton stayed and took the poison that would eventually rise up and kill him 5 months post-hospital, torturing him with a weak heart, blindness, hearing loss, burning and vomiting that would give the rest of us nightmares for years---- and not just at night.

       We are fast learning that secondhand chemo, just like secondhand cigarette smoke, is just as toxic and a nightmare even in the daytime as firsthand chemo.

  “NOT TOO LONG ago people smoked everywhere and gave little thought to how their smoke might be affecting others. Then scientific studies began exploring the danger of secondhand smoke, and in 1993 the Environ­mental Pro­tec­tion Agency concluded that secondhand smoke was causing 3,000 lung cancer-related deaths each year. It took another decade before a scientific and legal consensus emerged on the issue, triggering laws banning smoking in workplaces, restaurants, and many public areas.

 Now a similar debate is emerging about a phenomenon some are calling secondhand chemotherapy. Concern is growing that powerful chemotherapy drugs used to fight cancer may be having a secondhand effect on drug company personnel who manufacture the drugs, the pharmacists who compound them, the nurses who administer them, the friends and family members who interact with cancer patients, and the environment in general.” (Common Wealth  Apr 9, 2013)

  In the 2 ½  years following Trenton’s chemo, our once healthy family, especially those of us that gave Trenton hydrotherapy treatments or washed his laundry by hand after the “chemo precautions” were over, has experienced multiple late effects of secondhand chemo.  Trenton received enough chemo to “kill” him at least four times. (AML patients receive some of the highest doses of chemo.) He would have died each of those times without upwards of 75 blood transfusions that were given to him throughout his 5 month stay. Now at least 2 more of us have almost died from the chemo that was forced on him.  The high doses that we received secondhand were likely as much as a breast cancer patient may receive in total.  As we traced out symptoms of things like radiation recall dermatitis, mental fog, and adrenal exhaustion to find out their cause, we traced the trail of a chemo-monster we thought we had left in the past-- and we are not alone.   One woman writes, “I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in March 2013. It was during my hospitalization in March of this year that one of the younger doctors mentioned it is quite possible my leukemia came from exposure to my husband's chemotherapy drugs. I was stunned. Then I noticed the precautions the nurses who were caring for me were taking when they had to empty my urine to measure the output. They double gloved and wore masks before entering my bathroom to empty the "hat". One nurse told me she holds her breath the whole time she is in there. Pregnant nurses were not allowed anywhere near my bathroom. No one was permitted to use my toilet except me.” 

Here are a few things it would have been nice to know before we encountered chemo. “Traces of chemotherapy drug may be found in and on toilets, in disposable diapers or any clothing or laundry that a person has soiled after having a treatment. Cleaning the bathroom or handling body wastes or soiled laundry can expose you to these chemotherapy drugs…When a patient is given a treatment, the drug is present in body fluids for 48 to 72 hours after the infusion or treatment ends… Acute exposure to body fluids or the chemotherapy drug itself can cause rash, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, headache, nasal sores and allergic reactions. Exposure over a longer period of time is associated with birth defects, reproductive losses and cancer later in life.”

[To chemo patients] “Caregivers should wear 2 pairs of throw-away gloves if they need to touch any of your body fluids. (These can be bought in most drug stores.) They should always wash their hands with warm water and soap afterward – even if they had gloves on.

Flush the toilet twice after you use it. Put the lid down before flushing to avoid splashing. If possible, you may want to use a separate toilet during this time. If this is not possible, wear gloves to clean the toilet seat after each use.

Any clothes or sheets that have body fluids on them should be washed in your washing machine – not by hand. Wash them in warm water with regular laundry detergent. Do not wash them with other clothes. If they cannot be washed right away, seal them in a plastic bag.”

       In the hospital, they acknowledge that patients and their body fluids are toxic for the first 48 hours after chemo (although nobody told us not to use that toilet). All the nurses wear special blue gloves (regular gloves are not strong enough) and gown up when they are dealing with patients.  You can smell the chemo when you walk in.  It has a very distinctive odor. But somehow most families, including ours, don’t really understand how toxic chemo is or that they are getting chemo secondhand.   Warnings state that “Chemotherapy is considered a hazardous waste. • Keep containers used for “Hazardous Waste” away from children, pets, and food.”   

      But do we consider the fact that the people who have been given chemo are themselves now “hazardous waste containers” that family members, including children, will inevitably come in contact with?  The patients and what they touch are toxic for much longer than the admitted 48 to 72 hours. One study found, “Once surfaces are exposed to the drugs, they can remain contaminated for months”

      In fact, “A just-completed study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 10 years in the making and the largest to date, confirms that chemo continues to contaminate the work spaces where it’s used, and in some cases is still being found in the urine of those who handle it, despite knowledge of safety precautions.”

    “Chemotherapy agents, when dispersed in the air, or onto surfaces, are invisible, difficult to clean, long-lasting, easily spread, and capable of causing genetic damage. They’ve been found on the outsides of the drug vials shipped from manufacturers, on floors and countertops, on keyboards, and garbage cans and door knobs.”

     Even Medscape admits, “Exposure to ‘secondhand chemo’ can confer significant health risks, such as immediate nervous system effects, acute and long-term reproductive effects (e.g., infertility and miscarriage), and a subsequent risk for hematologic malignancies.[blood cancers]” …"Working with or near hazardous drugs in health care settings may cause skin rashes, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, and possibly leukemia or other cancers."

So while chemo failed miserably to “cure” Trenton’s leukemia, it instead significantly increased the risk for the rest of the family to get leukemia, as well as offering a cocktail of the other not so publicized negative late effects of chemo. (Yes, anything they can get firsthand, you may also get secondhand.) According to the Mayo Clinic, "Some late side effects experienced by childhood cancer survivors include:  Heart problems, including an increased risk of heart attacks  Blood vessel problems, including an increased risk of stroke Lung problems, which can cause difficulty breathing Liver problems Kidney problems Bone problems, such as bone thinning (osteoporosis) and joint pain  Short stature, caused by slow bone growth  Obesity  Infertility Memory problems and learning disabilities Vision loss Hearing loss Increased risk of other types of cancers Nerve damage”

     We would like to send out the warning to other families and caregivers encountering chemo, that we have experience that secondhand chemo can cause hair loss, nail loss, radiation recall dermatitis, adrenal exhaustion, chemo brain, swelling  and boils, hearing loss, digestive disruptions, swallowing difficulties,  blood clotting problems, and much more.  It is like a “seed crop” that never loses its destroying properties.  I couldn’t state it better than this writer has in speaking of pharmaceuticals: “Man is God's property, and the ruin that has been made of the living habitation, the suffering caused by the seeds of death sown in the human system, are an offense to God.” {Medical Ministry 229}

      We are convinced that Satan is still telling people “Ye shall not surely die.”(Gen. 3:4) as he gleefully hands them his poisonous remedies. And so Jesus lovingly calls today Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  For by {her} sorceries [Greek pharmakeia = medication (“pharmacy”)--Strong’s Concordance] were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.Rev 18:4, 23b--24 …If we’d learn to do it better, we would always use God’s way-- FIRST.

 The Chemo   Nightmare   Continues- Our Story Part 1

We have not been "normal" sick for two years.  No colds, flu, etc.-- only strange symptoms. And though we did not set out to pin all our symptoms on the chemo monster, that is where the trail always seemed to lead.  My husband lost a toenail for no apparent reason while he was in the hospital with Trenton.  He also has had digestive troubles as well as having blood clotting problems (more specifically decreased clotting factor) since then and a strange choking/swallowing difficulty that only seemed to be remedied with clay and charcoal.

My oldest daughter has had a rash on and off since Trenton was in the hospital.  Since she contracted it there, I had no idea what it was.  I treated her for fungus, parasites, viruses, bacteria, nutritional deficiencies, but nothing seemed to work. Sometimes it would go away for a while, but it kept coming back.  In March of 2014 we noticed that her hair, previously reaching to her waist, was dying also. She had lost at least six inches in length and quite a bit of volume.

    In May the rash on her hands broke out again, and this time it was much worse. She was also very tired for a time period before her worst break out on her hand, I remember noticing that she couldn't walk up the driveway very easily.    This time she began getting, not just a pimple like rash, but blisters resembling a second degree burn, and it was spreading.  It was so bad, it was almost like leprosy, and we became afraid that it was going to eat off her hands. It was like she was being burnt from the inside out and we didn’t seem to be able to stop it.  Every morning I would go in and check on her to see if she was still alive. 

For days I prayed and prayed, “God, help me figure out what is causing it so that I can treat it”, and during one night it hit me.  The pattern matched her computer mouse and laptop mouse pad.   So the next morning I googled it and what I found out was rather scary.  There is something called radiation recall dermatitis. Usually, it is caused when someone gets radiation to a location.  When they later have chemotherapy, the skin acts up in that location, and just starts being eaten away.  Case studies were grim, most people died. Only one of the case studies I found, did the person live. 

 My daughter’s is the opposite of the textbook cases.  She got the chemo on her hands from doing hydrotherapy on Trenton, touching Trenton and washing out his wet or sweaty clothes by hand as we did right before he died.  Now, when she is subjected to even small amounts of radiation, this rash appears. We started treating her internally and externally with clay and charcoal. In fact, we did poultices nightly for two weeks (as well as occasional poultices on many other occasions).  We put her through over a month of internal clay.   And after a week or two it goes away, but if she uses a wireless mouse (we bought her a wired one and turned off the laptop one) or holds a cell phone, is in Wi-Fi, or is exposed to any high radiation, like going to the airport, it breaks out again.  So far it has not been near as bad, and she has learned to take clay and charcoal before and after going into town. 

  But two points from this story, one-- God can give us wisdom if we will ask.  And two--, both clay and charcoal are necessary for those who have encountered drugs. (Wear gloves if you are dealing with someone who has gone through chemo.)

Needless to say, I am thankful for God’s natural remedies, and though I don’t know if my daughter  will have to take clay for the rest of her life (radiation recall can show up 25 years later) I’m thankful that we have learned to pull poison out instead of putting it in.  I believe that will give us a distinct advantage over all the other morbid case studies where the doctors just continued to give more poison - pharmaceuticals . 

  And yes, that solved the hair question too.  She was losing her hair from Trenton’s chemo.  To date (May 2015) she has lost over twelve inches length of hair from Chemo that was administered to someone else.  

 Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story.  She is still breaking out occasionally after being around too much radiation and we actually smelled the tell-tale scent of chemo on her still in May of 2015. 

Besides this, all three of us (my oldest daughter, my husband, and I ) have had some degree or another of chemo brain, a late effect of chemo, so I will just briefly touch on that.  My daughter used to have a phenomenal memory- almost photographic.  If she read something she could go and show you were it was in the book she read.  I called her my secretary, but in the midst of all chemo reaction I noticed she couldn’t seem to remember like she used to.  Also, my husband sometimes seemed unable to make the simplest decisions-- how to do a carpentry job or clean his shop, things he previously could and would have easily decided.  I thought he was just grieving for his son.  But then I lost the ability to multitask and all of us seemed to be struggling just to do what used to be simple jobs.  It was only by a lot of prayer and the blessing of God that we were able to make presentations and write articles, and even then it was taking double or triple the time that it used to.  We learned to help each other a lot.  I had to start making a list of things I wanted to tell my mother when I talked to her on the phone.  Sometimes, I would start a story and forget the punch line.  There were days I could hardly remember how to perform functions on my computer or I couldn’t remember a name that normally would have come easily.  I even walked off in the middle of a conversation one day, because there was an interruption and I forgot I was talking to a lady. Very embarrassing, I had to apologize later.  The list could go on and on.  If you or someone you love has had symptoms like these, please note… According to Cancer Research UK, Symptoms of Chemo Brain include

•          Memory loss – forgetting things that you normally remember

•          Difficulty thinking of the right word for a particular object

•          Difficulty following the flow of a conversation

•          Trouble concentrating or focusing on one thing

•          Difficulty doing more than one thing at a time (multi tasking)

•          More difficulty doing things you used to do easily, such as adding up in your head

•          Fatigue (tiredness and lack of energy)

•          Confusion

•          Mental fogginess

This has been shown to be a real physical problem, not a made-up conspiracy theory or excuse for forgetfulness. 

This study showed that an MRI scan showed “Smaller regional volumes of brain gray and white matter demonstrated in breast cancer survivors exposed to adjuvant chemotherapy.”

Trenton also suffered from chemo brain before he died.  He was fourteen, and I had never had to help him much with math. He had never been able to spell, but he excelled in math and science.  He read physics books just for fun.  One day, he was helping teach the younger children when he said, “Mommy, I hate to ask, but how do you do subtraction with borrowing?” I knew something was wrong. Later, I was trying to help him with Algebra and despite all my best efforts and his, he just wasn’t getting it at all. He was so frustrated. Please know, this is a very real symptom of first and second hand chemo and that the chemo nightmare continues long after the chemo. 

 The Chemo   Nightmare  Continues- Part 2

  My daughter and husband were not the only ones affected with other strange physical symptoms.  Soon after Trenton died I began to notice that I was often very tired.  This was not too uncommon, and I figured I was just worn out. I joked about only having two speeds slow and slower.  I also began to notice that I could not multitask like I used to as well as not being able to think and remember as quickly.  Sometime following Trenton’s chemo I also began to get painful pimple/boils on my neck.  Sometimes my neck would swell enough that I had to do a clay poultice for relief. 

 But then one day my youngest daughter fell off a stool and after making sure she was alright, I felt faint and had to go lie down on the couch.  My family said I was white as a sheet.  It happened again when my oldest daughter got a bit of dirt in her eye and we had to dig it out with a q-tip.  I felt faint, and had to go lie down.  My family again reported that I was “very white.”  I decided that because of Trenton’s death I was just over-paranoid of accidents and health issues until one day Feb. 2015 my husband was chasing me with a snowball and again I turned   deathly pale and had to go lay down.  That made me wake up to the fact that something was indeed wrong.   I am not THAT scared of a snowball. 

 Another day I took a hot bath (I love hot baths) and again I turned white and had to go lay down.  This was definitely not normal.  I had been taking hot baths for as long as I can remember.   We began realizing that I was having symptoms of adrenal exhaustion.  When something happened where my body would normally call for adrenaline (made in the adrenals) I had none.  It got worse from there on out. I began to notice that when I went into town it would take me a day to recover. I had terrible stomach distress that I could not seem to link to what I was eating.  My food did not seem to be digesting properly.  My family started carrying all the heavy loads for me to keep me from working too hard.  But in spite of their extra care I continued to get worse.  I had a hard time waking up in the morning.  I had raccoon eyes no matter how long I slept.  Soon I could not even walk the length of our driveway (3/10 of a mile).  Because our road was muddy and we had to carry groceries in 1-3 miles, I had to quit going into town.   

  Then in March of 2015, I got startled in the middle of the night. Even once I realized what it was and that I wasn't even scared of it, I could tell something wasn't right and my husband got up and took my blood pressure. It was much lower than normal, so I drunk a bunch of water immediately, knowing that this is one of the best remedies for low blood pressure.   I couldn't seem to breathe unless I manually thought about it, so I decided to go outside for some air.  As I was sitting on the side of the bed trying to figure out how to get down the stairs with no energy, my teeth started chattering, my whole body felt like all my “radio signals” to tell it what to do were scrambled-- my heart wasn’t beating right and I went into shock.   The whole family was awake by this point. Fortunately, my youngest daughter had just been studying first aid so she knew to put my feet up, keep me warm, etc.   Finally, I was OK again, but they all thought I was going to die, and frankly so did I.  So that was a big wake up call.  I was not simply-- just tired.  When your adrenals “go out” it affects your whole body.   They may be small, but you can't live without them.  The adrenals manufacture cortisol, adrenaline and aldosterone and a bunch of other hormones.

Cortisol manages your blood sugar and lack of it is what causes an adrenal crash which can be deadly.  It is like a battery running out of energy.   Now I have symptoms like low blood sugar because my adrenals don’t have enough cortisol.  I have to drink grape juice before I go to bed at night and again in the morning before breakfast as well as between breakfast and supper.  I tried other kinds of juice at night and it didn't work.  I woke my husband up one night (after trying carrot juice instead of grape) asking him if my heart was beating.  He said later, it wasn't beating right, but he went and got me some grape juice and everything was fine after that.  I realize now, that I must not have had energy to digest my food for a few months, because I had experienced a lot of stomach upsets which were abnormal for me.  The extra juice seems to help me have energy to digest my food, and that is better now.  I actually found this remedy in the Bible when I prayed for wisdom on what to do for somebody on the verge of death.  Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Prov. 31:6  I also learned that sitting out in the sun seemed to help my cortisol levels. Some days, I felt like I was charging like a solar panel. But I seemed to feel terrible on stormy days. 

My hearing was affected (like I was underwater). Aldosterone (also made in the adrenals) balances your sodium and potassium and so those were all out of whack too.  Basically, I have had to manually balance sodium, potassium, blood sugar on a regular basis and sometimes my breathing too.  Adrenal exhaustion is also very hard on your heart, but fortunately mine didn’t quit totally although my chest felt sore and bruised for weeks after the crash.   This has been a good way to learn a lot about the physiology of the body, but I wouldn’t recommend it!!

It was terrible.  I am a go, go, go kind of person and now I had to sit and watch the weeds grow or I’d overdo it and suffer the rest of the day and the next or even for several days.   I couldn't read or watch a video, or anything because it maxed out my brain.  I could do very little "brain work" before my brain started fogging, and the computer radiation particularly seemed to make me sicker fast.  (My youngest son had to read the Bible for my worship every morning, cause I especially couldn't seem to do anything before breakfast.) Then the kids decided a canoe excursion would be good for me.  I could just ride and not paddle.  We started up the road and my ears couldn't handle it, the pressure was enormous like when your ears haven’t “popped” yet when you’re going through the mountains. It was so bad they had to leave me in my camp chair on the side of the road and go get our canoe stickers and come back and pick me up.  We had to settle for the nearest lake, not the one up and down several steep hills.  

It took us quite a while to make the connection of all the symptoms with the chemo.  For a long time we thought it was just overwork and stress of having your son die, and your daughter on her death bed as well as several other traumatic happenings.  I tried and tried to be positive, trust God and overcome these crying spells as well as get better.  But I felt like something was chemically stopping me from getting well. No matter how hard I tried it didn’t seem to be working despite nutritional supplements, sunshine, fresh air and herbal remedies.

Since we knew that I had to have taken in at least as much or more of Trenton's chemo as my daughter (although I am heavier, which should help me a little), I believe my body has been trying to fight off the chemo all this time and just gotten tired and that is what caused the adrenal exhaustion.  Cancer tutor states, “Chemotherapy can be hard on the adrenal glands and can result in adrenal fatigue.”

According to the experts, most people with mild level adrenal exhaustion-level 1 or 2 get well.  Levels 3, 4, 5 don't always fully recover and sometimes just plateau at a low level of functioning. Some of them die.  At my worst point I was at five.  

 We were praying for wisdom on what to do. Then my daughter’s hand started breaking out again and we smelled chemo on her. We think maybe God was trying to help us realize that I needed clay.   It was then that it began to click.  Chemo was not something in the past. My neck began to break out in the painful boils again.  I could feel the lymph nodes swollen all around my ears and then I remembered doing clay poultices all around Trenton’s ears when he began losing his hearing just before he died. Often when this would flare up, I would run a low-grade fever.  My armpits and other lymph nodes were also painful.  Some days my eyes would burn and tear for no apparent reason and I remembered how miserable Trenton had been the day he talked the Dr. into letting him quit the steroid eye drops early—it was like glass shards in his eyes and he was miserable all day. 

 Some days my eyes would burn and tear for no apparent reason and I remembered how miserable Trenton had been the day he talked the Dr. into letting him quit the steroid eye drops early—it was like glass shards in his eyes and he was miserable all day. Then one day I woke up and my eyelids were swollen.  My whole eye area felt bruised like someone had given me a black eye.    But it wasn’t until after all of this that I actually smelled the tell-tale scent of chemo on me just briefly and began to notice, as I looked at pre-chemo pictures, that my hair too was getting shorter and shorter.  We had just one more signal that chemo was the culprit.  Our septic backed up and we had to get it pumped.  The septic man said it was like the bacteria weren’t eating the sewage properly for some reason.  Hmm… Maybe chemo kills bacteria too. 

 We knew only one thing to do. Go to the Great Physician’s desk reference, of course.   The health application of this passage seemed to fit our situation since I am a woman with only a remnant of seed left because of the wrath of the devil and his “chemo-do dragon.” And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Rev. 12:17    The previous verse tells what helps with dragon poison.   And the earth[soil] helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. Rev. 12:16 

So, of course, clay was again, the chosen remedy.  Clay baths, clay poultices, clay internally with a little activated charcoal on top.

  As I look back, in late February of 2015, I had started drinking Red Clover and Raspberry leaf tea to help balance my hormonal mood swings (I was very emotional and cried about everything whether happy or sad) as well as energy problems-caused by the chemo-induced adrenal fatigue. The tea seemed to help balance all my hormones and electrolytes. When I tried to stop drinking it, I couldn't seem to get through the day.  But I also began noticing that my urine was often a psychedelic green-yellow some days.  (I wish I had thought to take a picture, I did show my husband and daughter) It was not till later that I realized I had seen that color of urine before (in Trenton’s urinal after the blue chemo drug-mitoxantrone.) Also when I took a urine test, my urine was almost off the scale, it was so acid—not normal for an organic, non-gmo vegan.  Later I realized (upon checking my notes on the calendar) it was about 13 days after I started drinking the tea that my hearing started messing up. I know this isn’t a symptom of the  clover or raspberry tea and I think the tea was pulling the chemo back into my bloodstream and the chemo was causing ototoxity (ear poisoning).  Otoxicity is a known late effect of chemo. 

 But now I am taking clay and charcoal internally as well as taking clay baths externally. The clay has already seemed to help the pH of my urine a little so that is a good sign. It is also helping my neck, ears, and mental fog.

 Besides the clay I am also continuing lots of vitamin C (acerola), sunshine (Vit. D), flaxseed oil, selenium (Brazil nuts) as well as foods high in B vitamins which are needed for dealing with stress.  Since my chest hurt for weeks after my adrenal crash, I have been taking hawthorn for my heart. I will continue drinking the red clover and red raspberry tea and eating lots of leafy greens as well as taking nettle, kamut grass, and liquid chlorophyll. And of course, the grape juice and salt as needed.  Plus prunes and milled flax as needed for a laxative.

At this point, I have been virtually neutralized for four months.  But after realizing that it is the chemo causing the problem and implementing clay to pull it out, I feel like I am finally on the path to recovery. I’m thankful I am finally well enough to share.   Natural News states that it may take up to 24 months to recover from severe adrenal fatigue, but whatever the case I hope and pray I won’t have to write a part 3 to the chemo nightmare continues. And I hope that the lessons we have learned will help someone else -- before they have to learn them the hard way.  For the question still remains “How and when does the chemo-monster decide to attack again?”

The physician who depends upon drug medication in his practice shows that he does not understand the delicate machinery of the human organism. He is introducing into the system a seed crop that will never lose its destroying properties throughout the lifetime. I tell you this because I dare not withhold it. Christ paid too much for man's redemption to have his body so ruthlessly treated as it has been by drug medication.   {Medical Ministry 229}

 Take 2 - The Untold Story (for a happy ending)

 She had the yellow around her eyes indicating something wrong with her kidneys or liver.(unfortunately I did not think about taking a picture until after we had started treating her and it did not show up well in the picture, but my mother could still see traces of it two months later)

She said, “Mommy, I don’t care if I die, but please don’t take me to the hospital.”  We had already tried that method, with its traumatic consequences, so we treated her with Kamut grass, Milk thistle/Dandelion, cornsilk/red clover tea, and frankincense (in the form of powder or chewed  tears).  We prayed hard for God to intervene and bless our efforts, but I was almost sure she was going to die.  


What most people don’t know is that in March of 2013 before Trenton died, my oldest daughter got very sick.  She had the exact same symptoms as Trenton did pre-hospital in 2012.  She had blood in her urine.  She was so sick that she could not even get up to go to the bathroom, because she passed out every time. I had to get a bed pan for her.


 Then just after her worst day, the tide turned and she recovered normally. In fact, the next day she wanted to get up and help. However, it took about 2 months for the color around her eyes to disappear.    While, I can’t guarantee that it was the same thing as Trenton pre-hospital, I know that she had many of the same symptoms. I also don’t know if this too, was a side effect of second-hand chemo.    But she was, in fact, actually in much worse condition than he was when we took him to the hospital.  She could neither have walked out to the car, nor sat up on the way there like he did.  We would have had to take her on a stretcher.   I firmly believe that we probably did not give her enough natural remedies to turn the tide, but that God stepped in, honored our faith to follow His method of healing and took down the “walls of Jericho”.   We praise Him for His mercies.

     Not a poisonous drug should be used. When you have a case that does not respond to the use of simple remedies, take it to the Lord in prayer. Talk to Him as the only one who can help. Quote simple scripture with tenderness and faith. As Christ's chosen physicians, speak His words, sometimes to convince of sin, but always to inspire hope. When laboring for the patients, consider that their sensibilities must be awakened to the fact that Christ came to our world to save perishing souls. {PC 43.1}