Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is a real physiological condition. EHS is characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms that occur or intensify upon being exposed to either electric fields or both electric & magnetic fields (Electromagnetic Fields - EMF). Having EHS means one can experience recurring immune stress or illness when near active EMF sources and emitters of electomagnetic radiation (EMR). 
EHS symptoms normally diminish with increased distance from these radiation sources but many times require considerable time to vanish completely after exposure. The World Health Organization has identified this collection of triggers and symptoms as "Electrohypersensitivity", also referred to as "Electrosensitivity."
EHS is not recognized as a medical diagnosis in the majority of medical institutions. But EHS has now been accepted as a functional impairment or disability in the country of Sweden and many other nations of Europe are beginning to wake up to the health dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

EHS is a physiological reaction to the presence of Non-Ionizing Radiation - which is the frequencies below the visible light spectrum. Non-Ionizing Radiation was once assumed to be safe, because it doesn't have enough energy to remove electrons from their atoms. Authorities used to only consider the "heating effect" of the non-ionizing radiation harmful to the human body. However, it has now been scientifically proven that while non-ionizing radiation doesn't remove electrons, it still causes DNA damage in the human body by a variety of other processes.

Testimonial of a woman who has experienced first-hand the severe effects of Electrohypersensitivity


Originally, electricity was contained in wires, with the electromagnetic fields radiating out from the wires a little distance. However, with the advent of Smart Meters, Cell Phones, WIFI, Ipads, BlueTooth, Smart Phones, Laptops, and numerous other "wireless" devices, all that electromagnetic radiation has been effectively "dumped" into the very atmosphere. Today, almost every individual on planet earth is exposed around the clock to the EMF radiation that fills restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, libraries, offices, and homes. Even traveling down the highway can be extremely dangerous because of the exposure from all the Cell Phone Towers planted every few miles. 
The really frightening part - most people don't even realize what is happening to their bodies when they are exposed to this type of radiation! Among many other things, their blood clots into Rouleaux formation and it leads to cancer.

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Convenient Chart for checking radiation measurement levels at a glance and monitoring the health effects of the current levels.

Stages of Electrohypersensitivity
EHS can be summarized into 4 basic steps of progression:
1. Mild EHS - headaches, concentration & memory problems that are experienced while you are working with some type of electronic equipment.

2. Medium EHS - Symptoms last much longer after being exposed to electronic equipment. You will experience similar reactions when you are in the same area of transmission and relay towers and antennae. Your symptoms may require medical care.

3. Severe EHS - You are unable to work full-time; you take frequent sick leaves to cope with the many symptoms.

4. Extreme EHS - You develop acute adverse reactions from electromagnetic pollution, both in outdoor and indoor environments. You have to quit your job and there is a severe curtailment of your freedom. You have to have expensive 
re-engineering done to your home environment or you have to relocate to EMF/EMR-free rural or wilderness areas.

Once you have begun to experience step 1, you will progress through all 4 steps, unless you take steps to protect yourself immediately. This is because this radiation is cumulative and gets worse over time as the body grows more and more sensitive to it.

The symptoms of EHS are really endless, because this radiation effects every part of the human body. Here is a brief non-exhaustive list of symptoms which have been shown to arise in people who develop EHS:
Headaches, (even to the point of intolerability)
Concentration problems
Memory lapses, Brain Fog
Pressure in head, throat and chest
Chest pressure or pain
Heart Flutters or Palpitations
Unsteady balance, dizziness
Altered heart rate
Ringing, Buzzing, Static and/or Itching in the ears
Light, Fitful Sleep & other Sleep disturbances
Excessive tiredness & fatigue during day
Feeling like your catching the flu without actually catching it
Numbness or pain in affected areas
Eye irritation
Skin redness, burning, or tingling
Red skin blotches, eczema
High susceptibility to infection
Anxiety or tension 
Inability to rapidly heal from infections 
Vertigo or Light-headed feeling
Temporary inability to speak coherently
Mood-swings &  Depression
Finger, Arm, Shoulder, and Leg twitching 
Loss of motivation and ability to work 

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