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Swift Runner Ministries was founded to teach people practical ways to incorporate  preventive medicine into their lives.  We also seek to teach some of the natural methods of healing that God has taught us.  It is our desire to teach that cooperation with both the moral and natural law is a must for healthy living.  We believe that true medicine involves teaching people to incorporate the natural remedies that God had given with faith and prayer for the healing of disease. 

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      During His ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick than to preaching. His miracles testified to the truth of His words, that He came not to destroy but to save. His righteousness went before Him, and the glory of the Lord was His rearward. Wherever He went, the tidings of His mercy preceded Him. Where He had passed, the objects of His compassion were rejoicing in health, and making trial of their new-found powers. Crowds were collecting around them to hear from their lips the works that the Lord had wrought. His voice was the first sound that many had ever heard, His name the first word they had ever spoken, His face the first they had ever looked upon. Why should they not love Jesus, and sound His praise? As He passed through the towns and cities He was like a vital current, diffusing life and joy wherever He went.  {The Desire of Ages 350.3}